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Talleres de Invierno
Semana del 19 al 23 de Julio

Talleres icubico7.png

Valor $ 20.000 USD$30

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Requisitos para participar en el taller

To be able to communicate in English.

Lista de materiales

The list of materials will be discussed during the workshop, but each student will need a logbook and pens for each session.

Objetivos Específicos


  • The objective of this workshop is to work as a team to solve a specific problem with a creative and innovative solution and communicate the results in a final presentation.

Session 1 - Monday

  • An introduction to Yo Invento, what is an inventor and they types of inventions you could do.

Session 2 - Tuesday


  • Some background ideas for inventing - Biomimicry and the Life Cycle of a product.

Session 3 - Wednesday

  • Step 1 - identifying a problem.

Session 4 - Thursday

  • Step 2 - understanding the problem

Session 5 - Friday

  • Final presentations with group feedback.

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